Emergency Care & Hospitalization


Your PDC membership does not cover Emergency room visits, or hospitalization.  For these services we recommend a Healthcare Cost Sharing Program.

Looking for a health coverage that provides protection from life’s major emergencies? Coverage for big medical events is considered Catastrophic health coverage, also sometimes called major medical. Catastrophic plans have low monthly payments but a high Member Shared Responsibility Amount (MSRA). A MSRA is the amount you pay for health care services before your plan starts to share cost. Once you meet your MSRA, our CarePlus Advantage (catastrophic) plans pay 100 percent of most services. Medical treatment for a serious illness or accident can cost thousands of dollars. So, you can see how these plans protect you from catastrophic expenses and how they’re better than no coverage. Catastrophic health plans are simple to use. You pay covered healthcare expenses until your cost sharing portion is met (MSRA). Then the plan starts to pay 100% toward your covered medical bills. 


Click the PDF to read more about Catastrophic Coverage. 

To sign up for a Catastrophic Cost Share plan,

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